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Yeshua's Walk


You may have visited this site knowing who Yeshua is and want to learn more.  You may have visited this site not knowing who Yeshua is and want to learn.  Either way I’m glad you chose to visit!

Yeshua ("to save, deliver") is another name for Jesus ("Yahweh saves").  Allow me to address why I would title this site Yeshua’s Walk rather than Jesus’ Walk.  I understand there are many translations of His name as there are languages but I want to use the name He was addressed by during His time on earth.

The Bible referred to Jesus 983 times in the King James Version (KJV), 986 in the New American Standard Bible (NASB 1995 rev) and 925 in the English Standard Version (ESV). Only the book of 3 John does the name Yeshua (Jesus) not appear.  (Reference
There is no single correct way to translate the ancient Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek Bible manuscripts into English.  If that being so then one has to ask if Jesus is an English name?  Jesus is the English spelling for the Latin name lesus which comes from the Greek spelling lesous.  But we know Jesus wasn’t Greek or Latin (Roman) so his name in Jewish-Hebrew is Yeshu, in Hebrew it is Yehoshua but in Christian-Hebrew it is Yeshua.  Hence the name used for the title of this web site. Yeshua was a very common name in the first century.  Many believe Yeshua (Jesus) spoke Aramaic so his name would have been spelled Eashoa in ancient Aramaic however some would argue that the spelling in Aramaic is Yeshua.  (Reference;;;

The Bible does not indicate which language is to be used in addressing our Lord and Savior or how His name is spelled and pronounced.  Actually it varies throughout the original manuscripts.  Certainly it will vary with the language of the speaker.  I want to point out that there are many publications pertaining to Yeshua's name in which the translations and the origins of His name very greatly.  An interesting study but knowing the origin of His name or the spelling and pronunciation is not as important as to knowing who He is, what He taught, what He did for us as well as having a relationship with Him.

This site is not about the Lord and Saviors’ name but about what he did during His time on earth;  His teachings, the actions He would take, and His purpose while on earth.  My hope is that by visiting this site you will be compelled to learn more about Yeshua by delving into the Word (Holy Bible).

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